Internal/External startups supported across 10 organisations around the world

$7+ million

Collective funding/revenue raised following support through Co.Creator's [ Outcome* ] Accelerators



of innovations and startups changed "significantly" during Co.Creator's         [ Outcome* ] Accelerators

current valuation of internal and external startups supported so far...


We help innovation managers and directors to design and run innovation programs


Went from $16K sales in 4 months, to $65K in 60 days and built a pipeline of $500K, through Co.Creator's [$100K sales] Accelerator. Colin, CEO, thinkLaw, Los Angeles

iTeach went from failing startup for over 6 months to 20 paying customers, raising $135K funding - in 60 days through [First 10 customers] Accelerator” Prashant/Soumya, CEOs, iTeach

Moved from a failing idea (Khan Academy for Spain) to a startup that has now raised $m+ round, 15 staff, million+ users, after Co.Creators' [ Turn around failing idea] Accelerator - Quim, CEO, EdPuzzle, Spain

Went from a failling (zero customers) in 12 months, to $20K revenue in just 60 days + $500K pipeline from a major Telecoms provider, with a [$100K sales pipeline] Accelerator. Mariana, CEO, Digital Natives

Employees at national organisation - went from a failing service (in terms of financial stability), to designing and testing a 10X reduced cost service, handing it back to the business unit for scaling, and raising £100K after 8 weeks of Co.Creator's [10x reduction in costs] Accelerator

New product, service, and business model development

No one understands the word 'innovation' so we're focused on outcomes, which makes it easier for you to explain and get buy-in from business units. 

This is NOT a mentor-driven or coaching program. We advise as well execute with you. We provide 16+ hours of one to ones to each team/idea, 20+ hours of co-working from our team of entrepreneurs and creatives, 5+ introductions to potential customers. We give you the permission, the push outside your comfort zones, the accountability, and to get things done outside organisational norms. 

External Startup Program


Emerging Leader Program

Innovation Labs

Innovation Conferences

Do you have a in-person program of support for 10-20 entrepreneurs each year, but find it difficult to scale? 


"Virtual" accelerators

Do you have a leadership program without an innovation-strand? 


5-day innovation leadership accelerator in Silicon Valley

How do you course correct failing innovations?



A customer-incubator

Do you have a central innovation lab, but need a lower-cost model to support innovation inside business units? 


Innovation on a subscription

Do you have lots of "talking at you" sessions. Why not offer one to ones?


2-hour incubators

Innovation    [ Outcome ] Accelerators

2. 60 days

1. *Outcomes driven

3. Leadership capability

4. Virtual

5. Co-creators capacity

Example - 60 day accelerator model

A programme that integrates delivery of knowledge, skills, mindsets, relationships and resources to build leaders in innovation. We are not consultants who do it for you, We build short term capability for you to deliver innovation results.

Leverage people inside and outside your organisation to build virtual teams using just 20% of their time over 60 days, delivered virtually via video calls to engage geographically dispersed colleagues

7. Business case meets innovation

6. Low-cost

Accelerate speed of execution, experimentation in short sprints, with evidence based prototyping, and failing-fast.  We don't do workshops or one-time events, because effective innovation just doesn't happen that way.


-taking calculated risks

-maximising success of idea+people,

- bottom-up innovation

- Supporting the 'execution-gap'

By supporting up to 20 teams at any one time, virtually, we can make innovation happen on a subscription.

Designing and running accelerators to fit your needs

Our current offerings:

-{Prototype a new subscription business model] Accelerator

-[Build a business case for innovation] Accelerator 

-[First 10 customers] Accelerator

-{£100K seed funding] Accelerator

-[10x reducation in costs] Accelerator

-[Design and hire a team] Accelerator


-acts as the strategic constraint

-reduce risks

-top-down direction

-address leadership-gap

-building sponsors

"With our organisational silos, it would have taken us a year to achieve what we did in just 60 days, using just 20% of our time. Impact: 2 failed prototypes, 1 successful (10x reduced cost + higher impact) + £100K seed funding" 

Lindsey, Corporate Intrapreneur

"I have a small central innovation team so we didn't have the capacity to support innovation at scale. I had trouble finding innovation support programmes that were potential for systemic impact across our organisation - until I found Co.Creator"

Ruth Marvel, Director of Innovation

We deliver the right combination of incubator programs for the needs of each team and idea.  *For example. a combination of 1x8 week incubator, 2 x 4-week incubators, and 10 x 2-hour incubators

Jobs to be done:  Link up with your ideation platform, an innovation event, conference you're holding...

Quick-LaunchMinimum change required

Accessible: Open to all parts of your organisation, getting over the "I don't have time" barrier. 

Low-cost: Quick approvals within your existing budget constraints


Generate demand: Based on the outcomes of the lunch-hour incubators we can provide concrete business case to select those people (+ their ideas) for step 2. 

One to One: Provide a safe space, to unearth those individuals' and their ideas without "group-think".

Execution: Turning ideas into mini-experiments that people can take ownership. 

6 reasons why

[First 10 customers] Incubator

[Test 2 new business models] Incubator

[Make a strategic pivot] Incubator

[Raise £100K in seed funding] Incubator

[Create new role] incubator

Step 1

Step 2

[Lunch-hour] Incubators

Design principles

Custom designed 12-month innovation support on a subscription


Pay as you go:

Bundles of 5 - 90 x 1-hour incubators

Design principles


Starting at £250 per person per month*


Execution: We provide execution at the point of need. 

One to one: it's customised to each person/team and idea. No two ideas would take the same journey

Capacity: We do it for you.



Experiment focused

Select a cohort of 10 people/teams to go through 12-month subscription program

Step 2

Scale across your orgaisation?


Save money, generate money, find new customers/markets, faster launch to market etc.

Example: 2-hour incubator model


If you're:

- a new idea needing to visualise your idea on one-page

- existing project struggling with focus, defining your value proposition, or lack of sales

- a successful startup wanting to launch a new product, service or business model

- or looking to raise funding from investors/foundations



5 mins

Your story....

15 mins

Snapshot view of your innovation, using the "innovation canvas" one-page view ....

10 mins

Understanding the context - 4P's - Problem, Purpose, People and Proposition​. ....

20 mins

Critique, spot weaknesses in the customer-problem fit, solution-change fit etc

10 mins

Leave with 5 new hypotheses to test

+ 2 introductions

"pound-for-pound the best 1-hour we've ever had with any advisor...."

"Fundamentally changed our whole-startups' thinking on why we exist..."

"The most highly rated session out of the 47 sessions on offer at our conference..."

Who are we

We are a collective of creators - made of entrepreneurs, designers, coders, and investors. 



Zevae  M. Zaheer

Specialist in turning around failing ideas

- Director of Innovation, TFAll

- Head of Market Intelligence, Detica

- Masters: Computing Science

- LinkedIn



This month we're profiling Zevae

“Zevae is not a mentor or coach (the softy softy approach) but a true cocreator who pushes you hard to turn ideas into action and revenue. He works with you (not for you) and adds structure, rigour, new hypotheses, and capacity to "get shi* done". We went from a failing project (our service was losing money) and with his direct intervention over 60 days, we prototyped 3 different business models and found one to have greatest impact, generating £100K in funding - all in 60 days and us working 20% of the time on the new idea..."

…"Before Zevae introduced me to his amazing Silicon Valley contacts, I had no idea about how to form a start-up, how investment works or what is required for success. Now, I've taken the plunge and gone full-time - we have paying customers ($500K+ in revenue/funding) and employees, and are already making an amazing impact on student learning. Thanks Zevae!

Justin Matthys, CEO, Mathspathway

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